Mel Reid
Mel Reid with the 2017 Oates Vic Open trophy.


The 2018 Oates Vic Open will be played 1-4 February at 13th Beach Golf Links. 

Tournament schedule:

Monday 29 January

Tuesday 30 January
AM: Pro-Am 1
PM: Practice

Wednesday 31 January
AM: Pro-Am 2
PM: Practice

Thursday 1 February
Round 1 (Beach and Creek Courses)

Friday 2 February
Round 2 (Beach and Creek Courses)
36 hole cut takes place - 60 professionals plus amateurs plus ties

Saturday 3 February
Round 3 (Beach Course only)
54 hole cut takes place - 35 pro or amateur players plus ties
Oates Vic Open live stream available

Sunday 4 February
Final round (Beach Course only)
Oates Vic Open live stream available